Sport Massage

Sports massage is designed specifically for people with an athletic lifestyle. In contrast to the muscle therapy, this process will not cause any pain. Our sports massage techniques prepare your body before a workout, or help to reduce recovery time. Muscles get warmed up to fully reveal their functionality. For those who want to achieve high results, this procedure is no less important than regular loads and grueling workouts. 

Sports massage can help you to open up new reserves in yourself and feel more confident. This technique is great both for people with active lifestyle and for professional athletes.

Location 30 mins 60 mins 90 mins 120 mins
20 KM travel* $60 $105 $155 $205
30 KM travel* - $130 $180 $230


* Discounted prices available for multiple clients at the same location.

**Mobile Massage Services are available within a 0-20 Km & 30 Km Radius of Mount Gravatt and Camira. The rate shown on the website when you book is the 0-20 Km Rate (See full rates below).

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