5 Stars

Deb H

I was so fortunate to get an appointment with Damien on Tuesday. I was in a lot of pain with my back. It now feels 100% better. Thanks so much Damien.

5 Stars

Christopher B

I knew my feet where in a bad way but had no idea just how bad! I spend hours a day on my feet and haven't felt like I was walking properly in ages. Damien did a reflexology session on my feet and the result is amazing! Feet actually have some flexibility in them for what I would say is the first time in years!! Legs are aching less already and much less pain when laying down. So if you have tired aching feet, do yourself a favour, book in for a session. I'm back on Monday

5 Stars

Natasha C

Damien was great! Had a baby 2 weeks ago and have been battling with terrible back pain after pregnancy, c section and breastfeeding and I feel like a new woman today!
Thanks so much! Especially for starting many hours earlier to fit me in around my newborn sleeping schedule even though you didn’t have a client until later tonight! Will definitely be using Damien’s services again!

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